Commercial Building Inspector Certificate Program

Discipline Focused Training to Assist Students in Preparing for ICC Certification

Designed for experienced technical staff, new inspectors, and non-technical support staff wishing to change their career path to code enforcement, this program provides training on the basic code requirements of residential building inspection and helps prepare individuals for national certification testing.

After building a firm foundation on what basic code enforcement is, students are taught the basics of blueprint reading. Basic functions and typical procedures of a building department, including types of regulations, zoning aspects, planning, building codes, and local ordinances are also presented.

Using well-illustrated workbooks that provide examples of common code situations with practical problem-solving applications, the International Building Code© is discussed. Instructors will emphasize intent and rationale while working with difficult or unusual field situations, assisting students in identifying alternatives that satisfy the overall objective of the code.

The final phase of the program is an opportunity for students to take the knowledge they have learned during the program and apply it to a set of practice certification exam questions. Once the practice test is complete, a qualified instructor will review the practice questions and offer assistance to students on test strategies.

The Commercial Building Inspector Certificate Program fee includes all courses, required code books and workbooks, and practice tests. The program can be completed in one trimester, or a student may take up to 18 months to complete the program.


  • International Building Code® International Code Council - 2012 Edition

Instructional Materials:

  • Basic Code Enforcement® - International Code Council - 8th printing
  • Current Edition of the International Building Code®, International Code Council
  • Legal Aspects of Code Administration® International Code Council, copyright 2002
  • Understanding Basic Code Enforcement Workbook, BFCA copyright 2012
  • Understanding Building Department Basics Workbook, BFCA copyright 2012
  • Understanding Basic Blueprint Reading Workbook, BFCA copyright 2012
  • Understanding the 2012 International Building Code Workbook, BFCA copyright 2012
  • Understanding Legal Aspects of Code Administration Workbook, BFCA copyright 2012
  • Understanding the National Certification Exam Preparation & Test Strategies Workbook, BFCA copyright 2012
  • Handouts
  • Class will be lecture format using PowerPoint presentation

Suggested Order of Course Completion (Classes listed as 1 and 2 are interchangeable):

  1. Basic Code Enforcement;
  2. Building Department Basics;
  3. Basic Blueprint Reading;
  4. International Building Code;
  5. Legal Aspects of Code Administration;
  6. National Certification Exam Prep - to be completed after all core classes and electives are completed.

Total Class Hours: 72

Class Dates for the Commercial Building Inspector Certificate Program

Below is the list of classes required for the Commercial Building Inspector Certificate Program. Please note, students will not be allowed to register for the National Certification Exam Prep class until all other classes have been completed.

Class NameClass Dates Open in New Window
Basic Code EnforcementClass Dates
Basic Blueprint ReadingClass Dates
Building Department BasicsClass Dates
International Building CodeClass Dates
National Certification Exam PrepClass Dates
Legal Aspects of Code AdministrationClass Dates

Cost: $2,200.00

All fees must be paid in full before the first class date.

Registration Fee:$150.00

Program Prerequisites:

High school diploma or GED required. Students may be required to provide proof upon request.


Please contact a Building & Fire Code Academy administrative assistant to register for the Commercial Building Inspector Certificate Program or any other class you are interested in attending.

Certificate Programs must be completed within 18 months of the first class date.